Thermal Imaging

When we do a Home Inspection, we always do a Thermal Scan to locate any potential deficiencies that may or may not be obvious to the human eyes.

Funny, I just did my own Thermal Scan and discovered exactly why my basement was so cold.

What a Home Inspection doesn't find, Thermal Imaging may actually be like gold for you.

When a Home Inspector finds a leak with Thermal Imaging that wasn't apparent during the Home Inspection, it really shows why we do it.

Thermal Imaging has been the savior for many Inspections this year alone. We hope you get Free Thermal Imaging with your Home Inspection. If you don't, the Service alone typically costs about $150.00 by itself. It really is worth it.

Even in new homes, we have discovered not enough ventilation in attics, leaks in roofs, moisture inside of walls from ductwork condensation, visibly see GeoThermal systems in operation, Temperatures by room from register vents, water supply line leaks, Waste line leaks, air leaks around doors and windows, sill plate air leaks, temperature of operating A/C or furnace, how air moves round the A/C when a dryer vent is going at the same time too close, heat loss through ceiling light fixtures. The list goes on and on.

Frre Thermal Imaging with your Home Inspection or $150 later, it is well worth the time and/or money

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Nothing out of the ordinary...


Until you see the money flowing.


Insulation is everything.