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Many follow the State of Indiana's minimum Standards of Practice. 

We exceed them by using many high-tech tools.

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We offer Thermal Imaging with every Home Inspection!

(Thermal Imaging is a $75- $150 Value added to your Home Inspection for FREE)

Ask us about obtaining a printed copy of your Inspection Report!

We find more plumbing, electrical and insulation deficiencies using our Infrared Camera. This Service has saved our Clients thousands of dollars in repairs that could have included mold removal and other expensive remodeling expenses.


We are Infrared Certified

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For your protection

Get FREE Thermal Imaging with your Home Inspection

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

It's hard to tell what temperature your A/C is operating at just looking at the vent.

Low hanging curtains also restrict air circulation that could cost you more to cool or heat your home.

Here, we can show you how curtains are restricting the circulation of cool air.

Did your Inspector find a leak in the Crawl-Space?

We did.


How do you prove a Baseboard Heater works when you are asked for proof?


We just saved these folks a lot of money with a simple demonstration.

This is what you see...


Thermal Imaging allows us to show you how the air moves..

Air that carries lint could congest the fins of this A/C Unit and cost you more to operate it.

This is what we see...

Simple maintenance could save you Hundreds. Even Thousands.

Buying a Home can be frustrating, stressful and expensive. To boot, you are asked to get a Home Inspection, Appraisal and possibly some other "Red-Tape" hoops to jump through.

Your Home Inspection is by far the most important Service you will ever pay for.

We do our best to ensure you are getting your money's worth. 

We support our Community and surrounding Communities.

We rely on you and your referrals so that we can pass on the savings from the "would be" expensive "Pay to Play" and "Pay to be out Front" costs of doing business. 

We follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics that is designed to benefit you. 

We offer Programs that are designed to Protect you and Provide you with information to ensure your success as a Homeowner. 

We do Not charge extra for these Services. We pass the Savings on to you.

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T.H.I.S. is a Veteran Owned Company.

We proudly served our Country, let us proudly serve you with the highest level of Service with Integrity.

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Serving Benton, Boone, Cass, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Hamilton, Howard, Miami, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Warren and White Counties.

If you find your County not listed, you may call for a Free Estimate!

We do not restrict our hours. Call, Text or Email 24/7 with any questions or concerns. Even if we didn't Inspect it, we will always do our best to get you answers in a timely manner.

T.H.I.S. is here for you!


T.H.I.S. is First-Time Home Buyer Friendly.

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We offer the following services for FREE 

  • Thermal Imaging- Standard in every General Inspection (Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners Qualify)


How do we compare?

Ask 3 questions-

1. How do you Inspect the roof?

Wave 2.JPG

We get the ladders out at every Home Inspection to inspect the roof

(Safety is always considered)

(Yes. I am waving at you in this image)

2. How do you Inspect the Attic?


We access every attic possible

This was a secondary attic (original roof before addition put on- The Vent Pipe was mended together using masking tape)

3. How do you Inspect the Crawlspace?


We access as much of the Crawlspace as possible. In this image, we find field tile with a piece of tile missing. This is a sewer line that has been clogged with Dishwasher Powder Soap and Grease combined.

It is recommended to have your Crawlspace Inspected once a year.

(Ask about our Annual Home Maintenance Inspections)

We hunt for neglected areas and make every effort to reveal what may be hiding there.



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