Wells & Onsite wastewater Systems information


The following is to help educate the general public about Wells and Onsite Wastewater Systems (aka: Septic Systems)

We are an IOWPA Member & Certified Inspector

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Start here! before you dig. It's the Law.

Remember- 811 does not locate Private Wells or their water lines. Check your DNR office for Well Locators.

For Indiana State Health Department click the button below to...

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Click "Well Locator" to locate your Well.

Our goal is to help you understand how important it is to keep records of your maintenance schedule for your Septic System and encourage you to maintain it.

A Septic System that does not perform as intended may have issues that could cost you hundreds or even thousands. We want to help protect you and your Septic.

Septic systems are one of the most neglected components of a home. These systems are underground and symptoms are often not recognized until complete failure (backs up into the home or effluent surfaces in the yard) occurs. Some systems are designed to fail to prevent further damage. These systems have filters that can clog when neglected too long. Others may get clogged anywhere between the Septic Tank and the Finger System, also known as the Leech Field. At this point, the homeowner is usually not prepared for the expense of repair. And even if so, they usually are extremely inconvenienced. Some repairs could be minor, others could require updating the whole (or part of) System.